I am going to apply for a visiting lecturer position at a US university. The job posting is mentioning that applicants should send (email) CV including a summary of teaching experience, and a teaching statement. I have two questions.

  1. I am confused about the part "CV including a summary of teaching experience". Does it mean the usual work experience part in the CV, or do I need to send a separate essay of "summary of teaching experience" along with CV?

  2. The posting is not mentioning anything about a cover letter. Do I need to send a cover letter anyway?


  1. From the wording, it sounds like the usual work experience section in the CV should be fine, but you should really contact them and ask.

  2. Always include a cover letter.

Never hesitate to contact people who advertise jobs for more information. It can't hurt. If anything, it helps them remember who you are.

  • Thank you. The thing is whenever I contact them they do not respond. That's why I needed help here. – Extremal May 28 '20 at 16:19

Besides asking them about more clear instructions, I would suggest having two separate sections in your CV:

  • Teaching Experience
  • Work Experience

from that, it would be clear which positions are the teaching ones, and which are research/other.

For this type of applications, it might not hurt to expand the Teaching Experience section with slightly more details on the courses taught, like

  • title
  • graduate/undergradute
  • approximate # students
  • whether you developed the course content/course materials

Your teaching statement is a separate document.

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