Let's say if you have a questionnaire assessing the knowledge, attitude, and perception (KAP) of community towards tsunami disaster.

During the discussion, can you generalize the knowledge aspects to a more general term? For example, if the findings indicate that the community is well-educated regarding tsunami, can we say that they are well-educated on disaster topic?

The same goes for disease outbreak. If you have a disease-specific questionnaire, and the knowledge and attitude indicate well-educated and positive, can you generalize these to the umbrella topic of the disease?

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    I'm sorry, but questions about the content of research, including methods, are off-topic here. – henning -- reinstate Monica May 23 at 9:04
  • Before you worry about the questionnaire, think about the research hypothesis behind it. Unless you are merely asking about possible plagiarism. – Buffy May 23 at 11:47