I want to include a plot in my thesis to highlight regional differences in bicycle collision outcomes. Now there are several plot visualizations I could use, and I am not sure which one could be the most appropriate. Having a "scale free" y axis better highlights the differences between each region, but it may also confuse the reader.

I am aware that there might not be an optimal solution to this, but I would appreciate to hear your thoughts.(If you have a completely other suggestion for an appropriate plot than the ones below, I would also be happy to hear those).

These are the plots I have made:

Plot 1 plot 1 Plot 2 plot 2 Plot 3 plot 3 Plot 4 plot 4

  • This question would better fit the scope of datascience.stackexchange.com. You could also try stacking bars by type of accident or type of area btw.
    – Erwan
    May 20 '20 at 17:39

It might be good to consider a broken y-axis. See this example. In your case, you only apply it to bicycle-only and bicycle-car.

  • Many people dislike broken axis, including Hadley who created the software the OP is using to create their plots. May 20 '20 at 16:48

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