Now-a-days, I see a lot of friends, who went abroad to study for masters and PHD, are under financial pressure and worried about the immigration policies of the country.

Therefore, I see that a lot of them always run after internships and high paying jobs, and the job has to do nothing with the research or education they pursued during their masters or PHD.

Also, because of immigration policies of the country, a lot of folks have to decide which country to go into to pursue education instead of focussing on where they would get the best education.

And because of this, don't you think that the focus is getting shifted from doing quality research to get a good job?

And if this is the case, what initiatives are taken by the school authorities and professors or how should this problem be addressed ?

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    Who is this we of whom you speak? – Buffy May 9 at 13:27
  • We, the people of the world – Deepak Tatyaji Ahire May 9 at 13:31
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    If "we" would care about science, the money and working conditions would be better. – user111388 May 9 at 13:39
  • Not everyone can be a researcher, even if that's what they wanted to do when they started out with their careers. – Wolfgang Bangerth May 9 at 16:05