I want to apply for a lecturer job and in the section of the cover letter it says this:

'Please attach your covering letter describing how you meet the criteria on the Person Specification. You should use the competency headings of the Person Specification in your covering letter, providing examples of how you fulfil each one. You should also take into consideration the Job Description provided.'

Does it mean I have to refer to the Person specification titles while writing the cover letter (which seems more logical) or actually paste the PS titles inside the cover letter?


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    Without seeing it, I'd assume that they want you to use those headings as an outline. They probably want to lay several applications side by side and compare them easily. Just guessing, though. – Buffy May 5 at 12:38
  • What would be the difference? To refer to the titles, you need to copy them to your cover letter (technically, copy+paste is one way to implement this). – lighthouse keeper May 5 at 12:52
  • @lighthouse keeper, Thanks! I refer to the titles of course but I'm wondering if they want to use them as headings before each paragraph so it makes their life easier. – neri May 5 at 12:54
  • Thanks @Buffy that is my understanding as well. – neri May 5 at 12:56
  • OK, that didn't get clear from your question (you may want to modify it). – lighthouse keeper May 5 at 13:42

Yes, you should paste the headings into your coverletter and format them as headings. If they are numbered, keep the numbering.

Probably the hiring committee will need to rate your responses to each heading. Format your letter to make it easy for them.

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  • Many thanks all! I used them as headings eventually so fingers crossed :) – neri May 9 at 20:29

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