Recently I received an email from London Journals Press.

Dear Dr. Po-Wei Huang,


Taking note of your research interest that matches with our journal scope, I would like to welcome you to associate with us. To follow this, our Editorial Board has agreed to recognise you under "Quarterly Franklin Membership" (Membership ID#XC11296).


Also I encourage you to have your upcoming research article/paper published in our international, peer-reviewed, refereed journal, London Journal of Engineering Research (LJER) and confirm your review slot before 15th of the coming month for the next issue. ...

At first, I ignored it. But after few days, he sent a follow up email like the following,

I’m writing this as a follow-up for my email which I sent few days ago. I think that you had a glimpse of our Franklin Membership email and our proposal for your membership ID #XC11296. I did not hear back from you since then. If you have any queries regarding the Quarterly Franklin Membership honored to you, I (or my support teammate) would be grateful to provide you with further information.

I hope you don't find this outreach uncomfortable. I was simply wondering if you are still interested in joining our member community. I truly feel that someone like you who is involved in many great research works is ideal for connecting.

I find that London Journals Press is not on the list of predatory journals. So, is there Any recommendation? or should I ask my advisor directly?

  • @Anyon, it looks like the site might have changed? Mar 12 at 22:58
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    @Aruralreader Well, it's been four years. I suspect that particular site was discontinued, but archived versions of its list exist.
    – Anyon
    Mar 12 at 23:34

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It's spam: They gave you a free membership to rope you in, in hopes that you will pay for more memberships and/or publish with their journals. Don't fall for it. Just because this particular publisher isn't listed in one particular list does not mean that they are acting respectfully and ethically.


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