I'm writing a math paper for submission to some journal or other and section 2.1.10 of https://www.ams.org/publications/authors/AMS-StyleGuide-online.pdf says I need a Subject Classification number in the top material of my paper.

The paper is about an original formula I developed for generating Pythagorean triples and then goes on to show how to find such triples "on demand" given criteria such as side length, perimeter, area/perimeter ratio, area, product, and side differences. Indeed, the title is "On Finding Pythagorean Triples". I have looked here https://zbmath.org/classification/ and my best guess is that the number I'm looking for would begin with 11 (number theory) but that's as far as I can figure out. I don't even know the proper tag(s) for this question. Can anyone help me in my search?

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    What classification numbers do similar/related papers have?
    – Anyon
    Apr 12, 2020 at 17:15
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    From a quick search for "Pythagorean triples" on MathSciNet, 11D09 looks like a good bet: "Number theory : Diophantine equations : Quadratic and bilinear equations." Apr 12, 2020 at 17:33

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(originally this was a couple of comments, but perhaps it should be an answer)

Section 11: Number Theory is on pp. 4-6 of this current Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) document. Besides just looking for what seems to be appropriate there (often, however, this requires a much broader knowledge than the specific topic you're looking for), you can look for similar papers and see how they're classified. For example, you can try a google scholar search for "Pythagorean triples", pick a possibly similar paper such as Height and excess of Pythagorean triples, and if you don't have access to it and you don't see any MSC's for it, you can look it up at MR Lookup (freely available), click on the MR number to get MR2126355, at which point you can see "11D09 (20M99)" (11D09 is the primary classification, 20M99 is a secondary classification). Repeat with other papers you find. Thus, in the case of Clifford algebras and Euclid’s parametrization of Pythagorean triples I get 11D09 (11E25 15A66 20H20). It appears (but do some more checks of this nature) that Nate Eldredge (in a comment) was correct -- 11D09 seems an appropriate classification, probably the primary classification.

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    Rather than the 2010 version, use the newly released 2020 version. (It makes no difference for this specific paper.) Apr 13, 2020 at 0:16
  • @Andrés E. Caicedo: Thanks! FYI, I read somewhere (not at the link I gave) that the 2020 version was not yet ready, so I didn't even try to specifically search for it. Apr 13, 2020 at 10:03
  • My past decade of research has allowed me to answer questions about diophantine-equations on Mathematics Stack Exchange (MSE) but my paper has little to do with them. None of the articles suggested resemble my paper about a new formula that "has it's advantages" over Euclid. I have searched hundreds of pages, spent hundreds on books and even asked MSE for help in finding prior art here. Your suggestion of $11D09$ appears to be correct even though I solve cubics and quintics. Thanks. :–)
    – poetasis
    Apr 13, 2020 at 18:19

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