I'm working on a sensitivity analysis for my thesis work, which involves the designing of a test bench for the experiment. In order to reduce the number of parameters in the experiment, a parameter screening has to be performed. The design of the test bench is based on the results of the screening. If the test bench design is presented in the methods section, how should I reference the screening results? It seems silly, that in order to argue why this particular design was chosen, I have to reference results that have not yet been presented. Or should I present the screening results in the methods section before the test bench design rather than in the results section?

  • Your question is rather vague, which does not help. Did you performed the screening experiment? If so, why not mention it? Did you perform a proper "design of experiment" screening experiment? If so, the results can be presented in a compact fashion by just stating the ANOVA and something like "the following diagnoses tests where performed to cross check the results: ... These tests did not indicate any stat. significant violation of the assumptions." – Semoi Apr 5 at 13:48

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