What citation style allows the author to reference sources with superscript numbers?

I'm at the very edge of my page limit. I'm allowed to use any citation style. I need something concise that can point to the relevant works I've listed on the works-cited page.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I often have found myself wondering this. Not for avoiding page count, but because I find it more natural than referring to the authors. I currently am using IEEE which does the number in square braces not superscript. Which by happy coincidence is the preferred style for the faculty i am studying in. Apr 29, 2014 at 14:33

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I am presuming this is a coursework assignment. If you're that tight for space, are you sure you haven't written too much? Be careful that your finished piece doesn't "feel" cramped.

The Nature journal uses superscript numbers for in-text citations1 and then references them in the bibliography like so:

  1. Hynek, B. M. Implications for hydrologic processes on Mars from extensive bedrock outcrops throughout Terra Meridiani. Nature 431, 156–159 (2004).
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    Yeah, IMO, the question is too big for the page limit. I don't think it feels cramped yet. I hope I'm right. Thanks for the tip. I'll use that.
    – Hal
    Dec 10, 2013 at 5:29

If you are using LaTeX, you can refer to the following links for superscript citations:

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