I had been working on a project and now a compilation of results in form of plots generated is to be compiled in a PDF, however, I know plotting only on MatLab which is not quite useful in generating interesting or engaging plots. What resources I can use to learn about Data Visualization using Plots? Below is a dull result generated using MatLab where I compared my results with standard result by superposing both. This is pathetic and unattractive, see the text everywhere is so unengaging:enter image description here Since my college is closed , I thought I can do some online course on Coursera or sth.

  • Search on google, b ut shopping questions are not on topic here. – Solar Mike Mar 26 at 6:51
  • Does it have to be Matlab? Try ggplot2 for R. – henning -- reinstate Monica 2 days ago
  • @Kutsit Python + matplotlib (matplotlib.org) + Scipy (see, e.g., scipy-lectures.org) allows, by change of a line, to export to .svg, .png, .(e)ps, .pdf, etc. and a labeling on the plots with a syntax as in LaTeX. If you work with Windows as operating system, than WinPython running installation-free from the thumbdrive and already including numpy/matplotlib/scipy may be interesting (winpython.sourceforge.net). – Buttonwood 2 days ago