I'm applying for a postdoc position at ETH Zurich. For the application, the following requirements are listed:

  • Letter of motivation
  • CV and list of publications
  • Electronic copies of university transcripts and certificates
  • Contact details of two referees

They do not list letters of recommendation in their requirements.

This leads me to the following question: Would it be better to provide letters of recommendation, even though they are not required?

Additional information:

I know the professor and he knows me. In fact, it would be possible to get four letters of recommendation from leading scientists. I know that the professor knows and respects these scientists very much. I'm sure that most of the other applicants would not have this strong support behind them. This would be a chance to separate me from those. However, I'm unsure if it is not counterproductive since they explicitly stated that they only need the contact information of two referees.

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You do not need to provide any letters of reference.

If you do they may well be ignored as they ask for the contact details of 2 referees. This means that they will contact those referees directly and get the information required in their own format as they wish.

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