I am interested in the development of field X following the publication of an influential paper in 2003. The paper in question proposed a simple model that has since then been extended and cited ~500 times. To get an idea of where the field is now I think an analysis of the citing literature would be interesting. My question is whether this is a good idea to do this to start with and whether there exists any protocol or guidelines for performing a review of citing articles. I would suspect that this is something that has been done in bibliometrics but I don't know this field well and could not find anything so far.

The way I would go about it would be roughly the following: 1. Identify the citing articles via google scholar. 2. Among the citing articles, identify those that proposed extensions to the original model. 3. Report results in a review article, including bibliometric data (e.g. n, publication year, journal, etc.), the models proposed (e.g. which innovations compared to the original model?), the results that were obtained (same or different direction compared to original model?).

I would appreciate any comment on my idea and references to papers that provide guidelines about how to perform a similar analysis, or paper that did something similar without necessarily following pre-established principles.

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