The next month I plan to apply for MEXT scholarship for a PhD study. My study proposal is almost ready and I have my thesis already written in English. But due coronavirus outbreak I was thinking to do anything I can to be prepared and on the next year actually apply for.

The main reason is because I plan to wait for a vaccine first for coronavirus, because my N5 level of Japanese may not be enough to communicate with a doctor in order to receive a vaccine. Though I was successfully examined and received a JPLT N5 Certification.

Do you think that is a good plan?

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    No. Continue. Japan is very safe country – SSimon Mar 19 at 17:15
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    What would you gain by waiting? If you get it, and can't start anyway, would that be worse than not applying and not starting anyway? – Azor Ahai -- he him Mar 19 at 19:21
  • Yes because if I get accepted on scholarship and get accepted but I cannot travel then I may cannot reapply !! But if I apply once the coronavirus things get settle down then I would be more prepared (I would know more japaneese) and my paperwork sorted out better. – Dimitrios Desyllas Mar 19 at 19:23
  • What makes you believe this crisis will be over in 2021? – Maarten Buis Mar 20 at 11:31
  • I assume in 2021 will be over because the whole medical scientific community currently works both on treatment and on vaccine. Also in SARS and in H1N1 age the vaccine has been developed in months. Hence I think if I give some time the outbreak will calm down. Also by applying in 2021 instead now I will start my PhD in 2022. – Dimitrios Desyllas Mar 20 at 11:38

At this point there are no guarantees. Things could be fine in a year or not. There could be a vaccine or not. Japan could be doing well or not. The pool of applicants could be stronger then or not. Travel may be easier or not. There are just too many variables.

Under the circumstances you are probably best advised to continue on with an application until you reach a firm decision point (acceptance, say). Perhaps more will be known then. But expect chaos in the near term. Too many governments are behaving incompetently and making bad decisions. That could change or not.

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    On the other hand I could wait to settle the chaos and then be prepared well to apply. For example if there's a travel ban and keeps on my country but I get accepted then What? I cannot travel! !!. – Dimitrios Desyllas Mar 19 at 19:21
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    On the other-other-hand there is no telling when the chaos will subside. At some level of chaos political conflict comes into play - and worse. If you get accepted and can't travel, I would guess people would try to let you delay. Just keep them informed. – Buffy Mar 19 at 19:41

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