I am currently applying to a Master's programme at a strong university in the UK and began doubting my chances of getting in.

I completed my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics at a large research university in the UK a few years ago but my grades were below the 2:1 UK grade minimum for this course by a few percent. I have since worked at a large company doing data science and research and really enjoyed the work. I have been doing well here, getting some strong programming skills as well in Python and R. I also published an application paper on machine learning at a conference and presented at some others as well and have experience working on research projects.

However, I am worried that my chances are low because my grades have not been the greatest and that they will overlook my work experience. Do I still have a chance?

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  • Check out the research papers in a direction that interests you. Is that something you can cope with? Do you have a direction that you want to pursue? Marks are important, but you might get away with less (unless there is a formal limit in place) if you show competence, motivation, and a good understanding of the research landscape. Commented Mar 9, 2020 at 22:48

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Quite simply: Your chance is equal to zero if you do not apply. But greater than zero, if you give it a shot. The worst they can do is not accept you. Which leaves you in the same state as when you would not apply at all.

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