Is it OK to share my results on Medium blog post or my personal website when I have signed a copyright form with IEEE or IET?

In the paper submission, I only shared the method and results. But I want to share the exact codes that I used to produce the result. Will it violate the copyright?

The second question is if I publish my result on my blog post before submitting my paper, will it cause any trouble with the reviewers or reviewing process?

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Can you - probably yes but may depend on what you signed with your institution.

Should you - no - peer review exists for a reason, and also if you make your results public how can you then produce a paper from them - especially if someone else publishes a paper based on your results. so you can make the code available after publishing your paper...

Edit: Buffy said it best in one comment below: Exploit your work first then publish the background.

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In most cases, yes you can, but you should ask your university if they have rules regarding hosting on websites/blogs with research products. Some places for example require that such a site is university hosted, can not be hosted abroad etc.

Should you do it? Absolutely, with the proviso that you should publish your paper first, or together with the code. With scientific results becoming more and more complex, it is often necessary to have access to various codes, for the purpose of reproduction. If your code is useful, it can also be quite profitable in terms of citations - remember to require people to cite your paper when they use your code. Note that there are several journals (depending on your field) that actually specialize in publishing manuals for such public codes. CPC is a prominent example for physics (https://www.journals.elsevier.com/computer-physics-communications)


Do not worry about copyright: copyright is about form not ideas, and you will not violate it unless you copy-paste copyrighted text.

On the other hand, some journals will only publish "original" work, and may not want your article if you have shared the results before. This strongly depends on the field and on the journal.

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