Most of you probably know the Google Scholar preprint bug: if you upload a preprint and then you publish your work on a journal, GS won't find it.

Let's suppose that I already published my journal paper and this paper has been detected by Scholar. Now, if I upload the preprint to get more visibility (this is allowed by the journal), may I still incurr in the bug? I.e., the journal paper may disappear from my scholar profile?

Does anyone have experience of this kind of situation?

I tried once with another paper and the bug did not happened, but still, I'm worried about the possibility.

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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    Google Scholar preprint bug is there any evidence of this? – user2768 Feb 14 at 11:23
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    Google Scholar indexes multiple versions of manuscripts, you can click All X versions (in search results) to see those versions, which can include preprints (from all sources), as well as any published papers/articles. So, I don't believe the bug exists, nor do I anticipate the problem to which you elude. – user2768 Feb 14 at 11:27

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