I am going to university this August for a BA degree. I have not quite sure about going into academics, but I like the prospect of it. So, I wanted to experience research as a undergraduate, before deciding on going for a MA or not.

I am intented on taking economics hons along with as many maths electives I could take.

While searching about UG research, most of the threads on Reddit / SE / Quora were on science subjects. There, many of the students commented that they were doing tasks such preparing sides / solutions or writing codes that were too trivia for PG students they are collabrating with. What work a economics/maths student could do ? I am studying in India, so Indian faculty/student's experience would be more helpful.

Td;lr: What kind of research work a economics/maths student could/usually do, especially in reference to indian universities ?

Ps- I am new to this site, so am ready to edit my question if need arises.

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  • @user2768 Is the question clear now ? – AKP2002 Feb 14 at 9:43
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    You provide context, but I don't understand the purpose of the context in relation to the question. There must surely be a connection. What is it that you really want to know? For me, what research do students usually do is far too broad (and doesn't seem related to the context you've given). Perhaps others understand. – user2768 Feb 14 at 9:49

In the UK many UG courses include a final-year project of your own choice, requiring 3-6 months' part-time work. You could ask about this when applying for your BA course in India, particularly if you are invited for an interview before deciding which institution to go to.

The department will offer a choice of at least as many ready-made projects as there are students in the final year. These will usually be related to the research of faculty staff who act as supervisors for the project.

However it is also possible for an ambitious UG student to suggest a project himself, provided that he can persuade a suitable person to supervise. This could even be related to research outside of your own department of faculty.

  • Thanks, but there are no final year project in non-science courses in India. – AKP2002 Feb 15 at 2:52
  • @AKP2002 Sorry to hear that. I thought Indian education is modelled on the British system. The kind of project I am referring to is (for example) writing an extended essay on a topic of your choice. This happens for economics and mathematics in the UK. It involves doing your own research (reading articles, evaluating and comparing theories, criticising, etc) instead of being taught. You mention preparing slides/solutions or writing code and refer to it as "work". So perhaps you asking what "work" you can do in the field of economics to earn some money while you study? – sammy gerbil Feb 16 at 5:25
  • @AKP2002 A UG friend of mine got some research work with one of the professors in the physics department, mostly during the summer vacation. The professor advertised on a noticeboard that he needed a UG student to do routine calculations and run computer simulations. After he graduated my friend went to another university to get a Masters degree in Mathematics. Then he came back to do a PhD with the professor he had worked with as an UG student. Probably similar opportunities exist in India, in mathematics and economics. Ask about it at your interview. – sammy gerbil Feb 16 at 5:35
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    Thanks, we don't have interviews in my target uni, but would ask about it in one of the open days. – AKP2002 Feb 19 at 6:42

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