I am curious to know the percentage of Female Latino/Hispanic with Ph.D. degrees in the USA. Does anyone know? What is the percentage of male/female out of the approx. 6% of Latino/Hispanic population with a Ph. D. (out of the of the 1.6% of all Americans with Ph. D. degrees)?

Thank you

  • Although the linked "duplicate" question doesn't directly address the breakdown by gender, the answers include links to data that I think does answer this. I'd encourage you to see if that data answers your question, and if not, update this question to explain what's missing. Feb 10, 2020 at 19:04
  • If I correctly read the Census data I linked in this answer, it appears that among Hispanic people (by Census definition) with a doctoral degree, 53% are female. Feb 10, 2020 at 19:07

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The NSF releases analysis on such data regularly: https://ncses.nsf.gov/pubs/nsf19304/

You can find a digest, as well as the source data, in case your particular question isn't answered by the digest.

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