I am a new tenure-track faculty. I did my phd in a very weird way -- my advisor was in a different dept. So even for my committees, I did not have anyone from my department -- I even do not know anyone in my department.

I got hired for a tenure-track faculty. I had a social meeting -- three people asked, "what department did you graduate?". For many reasons, I said, my advisors department -- not mine....

However, now I am questioning it is ok... May I get your advice? Do I need to approach them to correct?

I feel panicky as a new kid here now

  • Did they receive a transcript? – Anonymous Physicist Feb 8 at 2:10
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    I don't think you need to approach these people with a correction, but if the subject comes up again naturally then it might be good to say something like "My supervisor was Professor X in the Y department, but officially my degree is from the Z department." – Andreas Blass Feb 9 at 19:33

I seriously doubt that it matters, but you might want to develop the story with your new colleagues at some point. The story is interesting, not terrible. It is a bit unusual, that is all.

In fact, it is in a lot of ways the most honest answer rather than the most bureaucratic answer.

Relax. Develop a nice story and become a legend.

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  • Thank you so very much! I have been panicked. – new TT Feb 8 at 1:11

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