Some conferences in my area require double-blind submissions. I'm a junior faculty member and I would like to put a timestamp on my results by publishing them online, as there is a nonzero probability that someone else might come up with a similar result soon.

The problem is that none of the existing online repositories for publishing research papers that I'm aware of (arXiv, EEE) don't have an option for (temporarily) hiding the authors of an uploaded manuscript.

Is there any repository that I'm not aware that would allow me to do this. Or is there any other way to get a public timestamp on my results while still being able to submit to double-blind venues?


I think the premise in double blind reviewing is that the reviewers will not try to discover the author's identity. Searching for it is implicitly (perhaps explicitly) discouraged. So an honorable double blind reviewer would not see a signed time stamped preprint on, say, arXiv. Some journals with a double blind policy clearly allow that.

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