I am a PhD candidate and I'm going to submit a paper to a journal (let's say to one of top-10 journals related to my topic) and at the same time I'd like to upload that paper to arxiv. I know that the arxiv license strongly depends on the journal requirements, but is there any general guideline for license selection? The second question is that will I be able to submit the paper to the second scientific journal If the paper

  • is rejected from the first one;

  • is uploaded to arxiv


  • the second journal prohibits the arxiv license that was selected before?
  • Check the journals license. Most of top journals have a license section for preprints. In fact a lot of them ask you to link your preprint at submission process. Commented Jan 18, 2020 at 12:37

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This question was asked a long time ago and never received an answer. I'll try to answer it, to get it off the unanswered queue.

Ander Biguri is of course right that you can check the journal license page, but that doesn't answer the OP's concerns about what to do if the paper gets rejected.

I'm a mathematician who has published over 30 articles, almost all of which are on arXiv. In math, I am not aware of any reputable journal that precludes arXiv publication. I select the default arXiv license, which is arXiv.org perpetual, non-exclusive license 1.0. Sometimes a paper gets rejected and I go to the next journal in line. The preprint being on arXiv has never been a problem.

Where it can be a problem is if the journal I select is double blind. Then, I don't put the preprint on arXiv because I don't want it to be so easy to identify me as the author. Note that some double blind journals don't care if the preprint is on arXiv so it's worth checking if this will be a problem. Anyway, I still put the preprint on arXiv after it's been accepted to the journal, once the review process is over.

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