I have received a revesion in which one reviewer comments is related to my paper but the other reviewer comment is not related it is may be mistakenly copy other paper coments. What can i do now? Is there any reply template to editor.


Don't overthink this. Write a concise and polite reply. Here is an example that is not perfect but should do it.

Dear Professor ...,

we recently received the reviews for our paper ...., which we submitted to the journal ...., of which you are a/the editor of.

While we found the comments by reviewer 1 very helpful, we noticed that review number 2 was written for a different paper. We'd like to hereby inform you of this likely administrative error. It is our understanding that there is a second review for our paper, and hope that its content will be equally helpful to improve our paper.

Thanks, Author name

If there is a submission number for your paper, include it as well (perhaps also submission date).

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    Up voted but I would do that by clearly attaching the response letter to ref 1. There is a high chance that the paper gets accepted on the basis of the only one report that OP has received, and of course took care of. – Alchimista Jan 11 '20 at 9:13
  • Also upvoted. I would only suggest doing it as quickly as possible. If email that is fast enough. If no email, then a phone call. It's delaying the other paper as well. – puppetsock Jan 11 '20 at 19:21

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