I've had a busy applications cycle, with many professors taking the time to write letters for me. What would be a thoughtful -- but appropriate -- way of thanking them? I have in mind a food gift card; everyone loves a meal at Chipotle, right? Steak bowl, guac and chips?

Another writer of mine is currently abroad, so I'm a little less clear about how to thank them.

I applied to many, many schools, to give myself a decent shot at landing somewhere, and I'm really grateful to my writers.

Any suggestions are welcome.



On german universities it is in general not a good idea to give any presents to professors. We frequently get mails that we are not allowed to take any present which has an approximate value of more than 20 Euro. I would assume that this is handled similar in different countries, since this counts as bribery. My best guess would be to write a nice, friendly e-mail and more importantly inform them of the outcome of your applications. You could also visit them and give a proper farewell if they are in your vicinity (you could combine this with a very simple present you know they like, like a chocolate bar for example).

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    If you wanted to push the boat out, many people might appreciate a hand written card. – Ian Sudbery Jan 7 at 10:34

I have written in the past the following kinds of email:

Dear Professor X,

I would like to thank you for giving your valuable time and efforts in writing a number of recommendation letters for my post-graduate applications at various universities. The applications are now complete and I am hoping for some good news.



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