If someone have done Post -Graduation from not reputed institution (India) and have not done any project /Thesis in Msc and Msc percentage/mark also low ?

Can he/she get admission for Phd in U.S/European university ?

Notes : Department is Mathematics

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    Is your question actually whether one "can" get an admission (i.e., is it possible) or whether it's likely? It's certainly possible by regulation, but if there is no real redeeming qualities in your CV getting accepted is unlikely. – xLeitix Jan 6 at 17:38
  • thanks for correction@xLeitix im not getting its certainly possible by regulation can u elaborate more – jasmine Jan 6 at 17:42

It is impossible to say with only the information given. It would probably be difficult, however, but more for low marks that the other facts.

The candidate needs to show, in application materials, a high probability of success. Nothing you state makes that success obvious. But letters of recommendation are also important and there can be reasons for low grades that aren't so much related to ability in mathematics. Even extreme focus on a research topic could cause poor performance elsewhere.

A committee would need to consider the entire package. The competition is also fierce and many in the pool won't have the same negative aspects.

It might be marginally easier to do this in the US than in EU as the doctoral education process can be longer and have more room to make up deficits.

But it isn't promising as stated.

  • thanks u @Buffy one more doubts : if some one have good score in GRE but not have project/thesis during Msc.......Can he/she eligible for Phd in US – jasmine Jan 6 at 17:46
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    Lots of MS programs in the US don't involve a thesis, so that is less of an issue. The GRE will help, if only a bit. The subject test in mathematics is more important than the basic test, of course. – Buffy Jan 6 at 17:48

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