I recently got the news that my prof and his colleagues were got many grants/funding. Is it common to write him a congratulation?

I prepared this simple sentences, how should I wish him more success in the future for his evergrowing research group?

congratulations on your recent achievements.

  • You might also consider adding something to the effect of “I look forward to seeing the outcomes of this fascinating research proposal!” – J. Tylka Jan 5 at 15:50

If you feel like congratulating your professor, go ahead and do it. He might appreciate it, or in the worst case he will ignore because he has too many emails in his inbox. But I cannot imagine a scenario where the professor would take such a congratulation email negatively.

As with most emails to busy people: keep the email short and to the point. Just one sentence like the one you wrote, though maybe using a more specific term than "your recent achievements":

Congratulations on receiving Grant X[!]

where the use of the exclamation mark [!] depends on where you are and what you have seen your colleagues do in emails (and also on whether you want to use it of course).

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It depends a lot on your relation with your prof. I'd say something like "I spotted you got the xxx grant - congratulations!" when meeting them on the floor, or add something similar at the end of an email that you would have sent anyway (planning the next meeting, asking for feedback, etc) - don't overthink it.

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