I am applying for graduate school in pure mathematics and I recently got very interested in C*-algebra.

I am definitely wrong but I get the feeling that C*-algebras is not as popular as other areas of pure mathematics like number theory, analysis, algebraic geometry, etc. It also seems that most top ranked universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, etc do not have any active research group in C*-algebras.

If my observations is right, then what is the reason? Is it because C*-algebra is harder than other areas of pure mathematics or is it because it is still a young area of pure mathematics?

Given that I am interested in C*-algebras and most top ranked universities are not active in this area, where can I apply? Also, will doing graduate work in C*-algebras instead other more popular areas of pure mathematics have a negative effect on my academic career?

  • Hi and welcome to Academia SE. Sorry, but questions about specific topics of research are off-topic here. Please have a look at the Tour and at the Help center to see how this site works and which kind of questions we can answer. – Massimo Ortolano Jan 3 at 11:40
  • Where can you apply: Universities of Copenhagen, Münster, Waterloo, Ottawa, Victoria have people working in the field. In USA there are Universities of Ohio, Hawaii at Manoa, my very own Texas A&M University as well as few others. I am a phd student working in C*-algebras and I want more people to be interested in the subject so feel free to contact me. – Petr Naryshkin Jan 4 at 3:50

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