I don't think Journal of Political Economics has suggested a specific license. However, the journal did say that the data policy is adopted from American Economic Review (AER). AER did suggest a license of Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 (CC-BY).

That license allows reuse of data without asking permission (I just have to cite it). So my question is, may I also use the data released by JPE without asking permission?

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    At least in US law, data by itself is not protected by copyright, so a license would be legally meaningless, unless it is the compilation of the data over which copyright is being asserted, which may or may not be a possibility depending on the nature of the dataset. See here and here for more details. – Dan Romik Dec 31 '19 at 19:32

A "suggested" license isn't necessarily imposed on authors. Especially one that is second hand. Ask the authors if you can't otherwise get a definitive answer.

Some journals might impose a license, but you should be sure, rather than make assumptions.

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