I have a couple of issues with adding technical reports in JabRef/BibTeX


Multi part titles: Some technical reports have complex, multi-part titles. The various parts tell you quite a bit about the context of the report. For example the title of this report contains several parts:


WP1.2: Development of a library of impact functions

D1.2: Development of a library of impact functions and general uncertainty measures

This question has partially addressed the problem of multipart titles. However many titles contain more than just two parts. Here's an example of a document with a multi-part title.


The second issue is regarding the institution key in BibTeX. Many technical reports are developed by one institution for the benefit of another institution (the client). This paper is a great example where the report was generated by the entities "AASTMT" and "Egis BCEOM International" on behalf of the World Bank. In this case, which institution should be included in the institution field for the dedicated entry in JabRef/BibTeX? Do the other institutions get completely ignored or is there a dedicated field for them?

How can I make correct use of JabRef and/or BibTeX to take all this into consideration? Thanks for your help.

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