I read on https://conferences.ieeeauthorcenter.ieee.org/get-published/post-your-paper/ (mirror):

  • Preprint: a form of e-print where an author posts a draft paper on the author’s or another website. The preprint is the paper in the form prior to submission to IEEE.
  • Author-submitted paper: the version of the paper originally submitted by the author to an IEEE publication.

Where to draw the line between preprint and author-submitted paper?

For example, if I fix a typo in my paper draft right before submitting it, was the paper draft before the typo fix a preprint and the paper draft after the typo fix the author-submitted paper?

  • While this is technically a legal matter, I don't see how anyone could conceivably benefit from you intentionally using a version of the manuscript that includes a known typo. I don't think IEEE will sue you. I would absolutely use the corrected version. – David Ketcheson Nov 7 '19 at 5:11
  • Where to draw the line between madness and sanity? Actually never mind, I’m pretty sure I know which side of that line the policy you‘re quoting falls on... – Dan Romik Nov 7 '19 at 5:53

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