I am attempting to identify how Google Scholar chooses which publications to rank highly in search results.

I'm aware that Google Scholar uses metadata from academic websites, but therein my understanding of the process ends.

My query: What parts of Google Scholar's process for indexing and ranking search results is public, and where can that information be found?


I think it is part of Googles business model to keep that information secret. If they specified how the rank is calculated people would try to game the system and it would become less useful.

  • The algorithm, which is what they keep confidential, is just one component in a process. Looking at how they do search rankings on their traditional search engine, you can find other factors including the popularity of sites and the money spent on promotion. I'm just unclear on what, if anything, they have likewise disclosed about the process for google scholar. I don't want to extend those details revealed on their main service without evidence they also apply. – Stephen R Nov 5 '19 at 13:32

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