Public university salary information is usually available online. What about private universities? Can average salary by field and rank be found at least?

Context: US/North America, mathematics

  • Some aggregate information may be available from the US department of education. But individual salaries at private universities is, I assume, not generally available. The reason it is available (in some places) for public universities is that faculty are considered "public employees", so the public has a right to know, at least in general terms. (Not everywhere, I think). There is, however, a law that requires universities to divulge their highness paid employees. This is usually a coach or medical or legal faculty, however. Occasionally the college president. Few mathematician, though.
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    Oct 13, 2019 at 1:02
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For the US and mathematics in particular, the American Mathematical Society conducts annual salary surveys, broken down by various categories: public/private, highest degree offered in the department, rank, etc. For example, in 2017-2018, at "large" private PhD-granting mathematics departments, the mean salary for new hire assistant professors was $94,675.


It's far from perfect, but you could try looking at AAUP's Faculty Compensation Survey. This won't allow you to search by field, but it will show you average salaries by rank for each institution.


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