What is the meaning of the German academic title "Akad. Orat"? What would its international analogous be?


Via @mkennedy in a comment:

Nontenured, approximately assistant professor in the US system.

Expands out to Akademischer Oberrat.

See: Academic ranks in Germany

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    No, "Akademischer Oberrat" is generally tenured. – Daniel Nov 5 '19 at 21:20
  • ...and not a professor (no supervision of PhD students, no W1/2/3 salary scale, etc.) – MKR Nov 6 '19 at 12:34

Akademischer Oberrat is typically tenured (in the sense of a lifelong position), so this is something between assistant professor and associate professor in the US system.

If he or she also got their Habilitation they are Privadozent/Privatdozentin, which would then compare to associate professor.

The Wikipedia article cited by Bryan is misleading in this point, as "Akademischer Rat" is a position that could be granted temporarily ("auf Zeit") or permanently ("auf Lebenszeit"). However, as "Akademischer Oberrat" is generally a promotion from "Akademischer Rat" that one could only get after quite some time on the job, it is very unlikely for the temporary position (which is limited to 6 years).

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