I see the AEA templates as well as APA guidelines. I'm in the process of assessing the question myself, but I'm wondering if anyone has a quick answer: If I format my paper according to APA guidelines will this also satisfy AEA style requirements?

To add context to a paper I'm working on: I do have tables and equations, but I do not have second or third level headings. Only first-level headings.

I'm interested in contributing this work PubCSS and I'm wondering if I will need two distinct style sheets, or if I can get away with a single one. It would be even better if I can get away with 0 new style sheets! PubCSS already supports ACM and IEEE style, so if anyone is familiar with those then I would be curious what differences, if any, exist between those, APA, and AEA.


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No, AEA uses a modified Chicago style. APA formatting will not meet this criteria. PubCSS is currently some distance from being able to implement an AEA paper in CSS. At the moment, I recommend sticking with the AEA-provided LaTeX template.

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