Over a decade ago, when I was about 11, I fancied myself as budding social scientist and wrote a few "papers" of extremely dubious quality which I uploaded to SSRN. I kept up the interest in academics, in physics, and recently became aware of their continued existence. I deleted them from SSRN, but it seems ResearchGate had already created pages automatically for them. I can remove the papers from my newly created profile but I can't find a way to delete the pages from accessibility via Google. I have quite a distinctive name, so there's no deniability there. What should I do?


I am not familiar with SSRN, but it seems that when you publish content there you give SSRN a license to display the paper, but this is not a transferable license like a Creative Commons one. If that's the case, and if you did not publish the paper on a journal or elsewhere, then you are the copyright holder and Researchgate does not have a license that allows them to publish it. Then they are infringing your copyright, and the correct legal step to take is filing a DMCA takedown request using this PDF form.



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