I have decided to go back to college and have to write a Low GPA Letter of Explanation. Who is going to be evaluation this and how is this graded?

I understand that everyone's reason is different, but maybe someone can give me a list of do's and don't so I can write a good one?

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    Why was your GPA low? What have you learned since then that will let you succeed academically in the future? – Patricia Shanahan Aug 10 at 13:05
  • @PatriciaShanahan I was unsure what field of study I wanted at the first college, was not mature enough then, my cognitive abilities to learn have doubled since, and was told by my guidance counselor that piloting was not an option. She omitted that I could have took it at another school just 10 miles away. If I had known I could use the Pell Grant for earning my commercial pilots license then as I do now I would have taken school much more seriously. – Muze the good Troll. Aug 10 at 13:27
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    Now you have the key points you need for your letter. Obviously, more detail and explanation in the actual letter than in a comment. – Patricia Shanahan Aug 10 at 13:35

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