I have given an interview for a Postdoc position at UCSF, USA by an Assistant Professor recruiting his 1st postdoc. I was interviewed three times (1st over phone, followed by two skype interviews).

In the last interview the PI described about his on-going and future projects and he went on to say "when you come here to my lab..." Which I believe was a slip of tongue.

At the end of the discussion, he told that I will mail you the decision letter in a couple of days. It's been a week since that happened but I have not got any reply yet. Does it mean my application is rejected or its too early to think so? When should I get in touch with him.

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    We know no more than you do. I'd give it another week, then ask about the progress of your application via email. Good luck! – Emma Jul 17 at 8:14
  • @ Emma Thank you for replying, i agree with you but... its very difficult to wait in such case. – Suraj Jul 17 at 8:19
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    I know it's difficult, having been there myself. The only thing you can do is have patience. – Emma Jul 17 at 8:24

Does it mean my application is rejected

No, it doesn't.

It just means that for whatever reason, the decision or informing you of the decision is delayed.

or its too early to think so? When should i get in touch with him.

You could get in touch now, or wait another week or so.

Before I started a postdoc in Canada I had the same situation and I asked (I think the PI had promised to let me know informally in two days, but then I still heard nothing after a week) . The PI then quickly replied that she had to clarify some issues with the funding agency before she could inform the successful candidate. Several more days later I had a postdoc offer, and one year longer than originally advertised.

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