Whilst reading a paper I discovered another and I am now building upon the latter. Should I cite the former paper, since that's how I discovered the latter? Or does it suffice to cite only the latter?

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Unless I misunderstand, the question comes down to "Publication A has cited Publication B, which is a primary source. Can I also cite Publication B, or would that be plagiarism?".

The answer is "Yes, it's fine for multiple people to cite the same primary source".

  • As a small remark, make sure to read what you are citing. I once came across a paper that was cited by everyone, but because it was only available in Russian almost no one ever bothered reading it, which resulted in people claiming everything to this paper, which was, in fact, not in there. – Dirk Jul 30 at 12:07
  • Dear @Dirk, have you read my question? or you answered to Flyto? thank you – MscStudent Jul 30 at 12:19

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