I have recently accepted a PhD position offer in Germany for an advertised project. My prospective supervisor asked me to apply for the structured graduate school of the institute as well because it will be good for me to have access to structured program perks.

My question is:

When I write a motivation letter for an application, I normally mention the field/topics I'm interested in and the research groups that I would like to work together in that program. In this specific case, should I still write in the same manner but just focus on this specific group? Or should I include the information that I will work there anyway?

e.g. "I am interested in lab A for topic X" vs. "I will work at lab A on topic X"

The second one is a fact so it makes sense to include it but I feel like it sounds weird in a motivation letter.

  • Ask the supervisor. They will know what is good and what is not. – Buffy Jul 3 at 14:38

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