I have applied for an integrated MS and PhD program. I have sent am email for that purpose. The professor had an interview of me via skype. Then he sent me 6 of his papers and told me read those. At the same time, he told me to apply for scholarship via the general admission process of his university. I am now reading those papers.

But I am confused that whether he is positive to me or not. What should I do at this stage?

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    Read the papers and wait for the result of the scholarship & admission. – Solar Mike Jun 30 at 15:11

I would guess that he is a bit positive and a bit neutral. I hope he knows a bit about you from your earlier contact. Otherwise he has no reason for anything but neutrality.

Read the papers. Make notes. If you are interested in that subject matter you could then ask one or two questions based on those papers. Even questions about things you don't (yet) understand can be valuable at this stage. But you might just get pointed to more papers. But if you work with this person, there will be papers and papers.

But it is likely a mistake to flood him with questions (or emails). Start the long term relationship gradually. But don't be shy about expressing interest if you really have it.

But, for any future conversation, even by email, make sure you are informed about his interests and research direction.


The fact that the professor followed up to your interview in any way is at least a mild positive; if they had no interest in you they likely would not have had any more interaction with you.

However, depending on where you are applying, the professor may have little influence on your application success; in North America at least, graduate admissions is often kept separate from individual professor's preferences. So even if the professor is positive, telling you to apply to the general process may be all they can do at the moment.

Do as the professor suggests, and good luck with your application.

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