In the article, Stability of quantum motion in chaotic and regular systems, Physical Review A, 30, 1610 (1984), in the reference section these two references given:

[11]M. V. Berry, in Chaotic Behaoior of Deterministic Systeins, Vol. 36 of Les Houches Summer School Proceedings, edited by G. Iooss, R. H. G. Helleman, and R. Stora (North- Holland, Amsterdam, 1983).


[13]A. Peres, in Quantum Chaos, edited by G. Casati and J. Ford (Plenum, New York, 1984), and references therein.

However, when I search for these two publications, for the first one, I can only a single volume - 16th - and the for the latter one none at all.

It is clear from the title that the first publication is a Proceeding of some summer school held, but the the second one, I cannot even speculate what it is from the way it is referenced ("in ..."); a book, an article, etc.


First my second question: what type of publication the second reference references ?

Secondly my first question: what is the proper way of searching such documents.

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