Firstly, I am aware that the community doesn't like these questions as they depend on a lot of variables and specific programmes, however all of the programmes I am interested in have told me they don't have admitted student profiles, so I would really appreciate some resources that I could consult or if anyone here has done a PhD poli sci and could give feedback as to what, generally speaking, improves competitiveness for Doctoral programmes. Obviously it varies, but just ball parking it. What are some things students who are interested should keep in mind?

I have tried emailing and calling all the institutions. As I said, I would be doing my PhD in Political Science, with an emphasis on International Relations, specific Far East Asian studies. The places I'm interested in are NYU(was accepted into their MA IR), Stanford and Columbia. As I said, they all told me they didn't have anything online where I could compare my credentials/GRE/GPA to admitted students.

Background: I have an MA in Linguistics with Merit from the University of Glasgow(equivalent to US 3.7). I'm originally from the states. Appreciate any support that could be given. If you need any clarification on anything, feel free to let me know.

Edit: Should note my Gre Scores, 156 Verbal, 142 Quant(weak spot I know), 4.5 writing.

Research Experience: None.

I also currently have an admit to USC's price for my MPA, still deciding if I want to do that or defer for a year and try to go straight for PhD next year.

I got a similar post Put on hold for being too specific and not general enough, however, as I said before, if you know of other resources or directions to point me in for information, please feel free to share. There's other posts that have been made on this site with similar questions/concepts and don't get removed. Advice - MS in mathematics to increase competitiveness for PhD programs?

So again, if you're one of the users who voted my OG question as offtopic, let me know how it's offtopic for an academia website/point me to a better website/forum for help. I have tried here, Gradcafe, Reddit, contacting the individual institutions, etc. I just need help. Please.

  • Research experience and recommendations from respected faculty will improve your competitiveness. Ask your current recommendation writers for advice on your specific situation. – Dawn Jun 29 at 3:40
  • 1
    In choosing between the programs, consider which will be most likely to get you research experience. – Dawn Jun 29 at 3:42
  • Thanks for the reply, Dawn. I don't have current rec writers as I have not started my MPA. It will be with an international specialisation and a required internship. Also, Price is very Quant heavy so I'll have stats, economics, etc. – Nathan Smith Jr. Jun 29 at 5:21
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    How did you get into an MPA and MA program without rec writers? You will need rec writers to get into a PhD program. If you don’t have any then you should definitely not try for PhD at this time. – Dawn Jun 29 at 19:42
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    I can't tell, and because you've deleted your earlier questions, I can't check them--did you apply for any phd programs? – mkennedy Jun 29 at 20:03

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