I come from a BSc in Computer Science background, and am looking into enrolling into a Masters programme.

I am considering some programmes in the UK (e.g. University of Edinburgh) and comparing them to the MSc programmes in Europe (e.g. at EPFL Switzerland). I have noticed a number of UK MSc programmes are only 1 year long, while in contrast, the European ones typically take two years (and in case of EPFL, may take some time more, due to the programme difficulty).

My question is: are 1-year UK programmes and 2-year European ones recognized as being (approximately) equal value and at the same level of education (Europe-wide or world-wide), when looking for entry-level industry positions? Of course there are other factors like the institution reputation and quality involved, but this is assuming institutions of similar quality.

I created this post to get reviews from students who had to take a similar decision and studied in one or both of those universities.

Looking further this question seems to be looking for similar information, but has not been answered.

  • Which is better known UoE or EPFL? That depends how you define better known. We can say they are both well-ranked institutions: timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings/… and timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings/… – user2768 Jun 27 '19 at 12:30
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    Degrees from reputable universities (and both of these are) are generally recognized at face value. Think of them as different, rather than one being superior. There is more to consider than the elapsed time. – Buffy Jun 27 '19 at 12:47
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    @penelope Your edit is excellent, but I don't think you've reached the "right" question. would a diploma from both 1-year UK programmes and 2-year European ones be recognized as of (approximately) equal value and as a same level of education? The answer to both is no, a 1-year programme is not equal to a 2-year programme, the latter can deliver a higher level of education. – user2768 Jun 27 '19 at 13:12
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    @user2768 I think we'll have to see if the OP agrees with the spirit of the question - as I think it could still be a "right" question even if the answer is "no" as you suggest. If you think the question can be formulated better, please go ahead, but I have a feeling this is what the OP was asking. (And I also personally think the answer is "yes": a 2-year programme from the same rank Uni could teach you more than a 1-year one, but you'll still be considered as having finished a Masters programme when applying for jobs or for a PhD, but let's agree on the question first please). – penelope Jun 27 '19 at 13:16
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    recognized as of (approximately) equal value I must ask, equal value in what sense? Academic career or Industry career? – scaaahu Jun 27 '19 at 13:26

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