I am in a 2-year MSc. program and I'm at the end of my second year. I have no data/results and nothing to show for my work.

Last year, I switched supervisors to work on a collaborative MSc project that I thought was really cool. I did all the work I needed to do to launch this project, and was finished around November of 2018. The company which we were working with did not deliver on their end of the project, and I was spinning for about 4 months.

Then, my supervisor came up with an idea to do two more projects using the software I had written. I have been working to launch those, but the thing is, each project has a stakeholder who is outside of the university, and I don't think the stakeholders are on board. She speaks to me as if they have already agreed to work on the project, but I think she is lying. They don't respond to my emails or follow up on the project at all. She is the only person interested in these projects, and she won't be able to get them off the ground without external support, which at this point I don't believe she has.

I really want to get an MSc, but I think I may need to change supervisors or even institutions, and I don't know how that's going to look on a resume. I could also drop and get a software job. I can see myself going back to my master's eventually, but probably not full-time. The whole situation just makes me really sad.

I am trying to figure out what to do with my life next. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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    This is a bit too personal to get a good answer here. Tally up the negatives and the positives and make a decision. You present a lot of the negatives here. And make a list of options. There may be several open to you. – Buffy Jun 11 at 18:26

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