I hold a Bachelor in physics and I am applying for a master program in Germany. There is a research group by a professor, with topics very close to what I'd like to study and furthermore work on. On the group's site it is posted that there are open master-phd positions.

Should I email the professor, expressing my willingness to study and possibly work in the future under his group if I am not yet admitted to the program?

My email would contain some basic information about my choices of classes, bachelor thesis, personal studies after my bachelor and interests in the research group.

  • If needed I can provide a link of the group and the university I am applying to; I just don't know if it's ok in relation with the stack exchange policy – Constantine Black Jun 6 at 12:25

It is usually the case that the information you intend to include in your email about your studies would be asked for in the application, so preemptively providing that would be unnecessary.

It may be useful to email mentioning your interest in the research group, and ask any questions about the research you may have.

  • Thank you for your answer. When you write: "... and any questions about the research you have", you mean answering possible question about what I have studied or mention something? – Constantine Black Jun 6 at 12:53
  • I mean if you have any questions about the research the group does. For instance, if you have questions about applications of the research, available laboratory facilities, or field-specific questions, this might be a good time to ask. – Emma Jun 6 at 13:05

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