The department I work in has been dysfunctional, and there is a history of reversals of decisions where both yes and no votes were overturned by the university level committee. Very recently, a candidate who went up for promotion to full professor had a mediocre record, and the department T&P committee was trying to push her through. It was found out that they intentionally omitted her lowest teaching evaluation, and when confronted by a senior colleague, a member of the committee tried to lie about it to cover it up (the committee member tried to claim that they ‘sometimes’ drop the lowest and highest, but the evidence clearly shows that only the lowest was dropped). What is the likely outcome, if any?

Update: I should provide some context here. Three of the members on the tenure and promotion committee have pretty weak scholarship (less than what would be acceptable for tenure and promotion based on current standards of the department, but are associate professors though have not published in years). One member was an assistant professor who recently received tenure, but her status is still shaky and needs political support to keep moving forward. The candidate in question has a very close personal relationship with the T&P committee members. The department has substantially dropped in rankings from 15 years ago, where it was in the top 10 in US News to now in the mid-40s. There is talk of a merger with another academic program at the university. Of the faculty who were hired and went up for promotion, the ones voted up by the department were all previous graduates of the school, so there is indication that nepotism is in play. At what point will the upper administration say there is too much dysfunction and step in? What might be done?

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