I am planning to discontinue my studies due to health and financial reasons.Will I be able to get a job after this? I have good programming skills though.

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Whether you can get a job or not depends on the market and on your skills. It also depends on how you market yourself and can exploit your experience in relevant things.

I don't understand the concept of "census date" but assume it is a date after which you can't drop without (possibly poor) grades. But your earlier question here implies that you might be able to make a case for an exception to normal rules due to an accident and a situation outside your control. I hope you are pursuing that avenue.

In many places programmers are in high demand, so some job is probably open to you. How attractive it is depends on all those other factors. You will need to assure a potential employer that the accident and its aftermath doesn't affect your suitability for a job, perhaps.

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