I am applying for Ph.D program, and I need to find an advisor to accept me in his group. I want to send to him a perfect email and get his attention to me. I would like some opinion on this matter.

  • Do I include my CV and recondition letter in the first email?

  • Do I mention my GPA?

  • Do I straight-up ask them if they are accepting students? Or, do I first attempt to establish a relationship?

The field is renewable energy.

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First of all, do not write a generic email to 50 faculty members. You need to focus on a few that you think are a good fit. For example, many faculty members won’t take you because they don’t have funding.

Next, try to make a personal connection: read their papers before, see how you could contribute, and tell them.

If you have a connection to them (you took a class/worked with a colleague of theirs, mentioning them will be a massive bonus (in terms of likelihood of receiving a reply).

Good luck!

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