I submitted a Review paper to a journal where the review committee reported

Author did not make Taxonomy of the his review

I do not understand their need. After searching the questions in this forum, I came across the question regarding ACM 2012 Taxonomy. Are the reviewers asking for this ACM 2012 Taxonomy or something else?

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    It is probably best to ask this question directly to the editor or associate editor that sent you the review decisions. Their interpretation of the comment is what matters most.
    – Tripartio
    May 3 '19 at 18:05
  • Right, thanks a lot.
    – PS Nayak
    May 3 '19 at 18:40

It sounds to me like the reviewers were requesting that you include a set of “Index Terms” or “Keywords” for your paper, e.g., for IEEE, pulled from the list of IEEE Taxonomy or Standardized Keywords.

Excerpts the second link:

Help readers find your article quickly by using the right IEEE standardized keywords.

using the right keywords in your article can make your article more easily and reliably discoverable—which leads to a broader readership for your article.

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