At my college I worked in the back room shredding graded essays from various subjects for hours.

Some of them were very good and seems like a gross waste of data and labor. I wonder is this the policy of all colleges?


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    I certainly hope my university isn't mining my essays to sell data .... – Azor Ahai May 1 at 0:06
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    Please do not post partial answers or data points as comments. – Wrzlprmft May 1 at 8:50
  • @Wrzlprmft how is this to broad if comments were good enough to be an answer. How many answers can come from this? or is it just a bad question? – Muze the good Troll. Aug 15 at 16:39

Colleges have to keep everything that influences grades of students for a certain time in order to resolve disputes over grades. In our case it is 3 years.

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    and given confidentiality rules, shredding is probably the best plan after the hold time. – Patricia Shanahan May 1 at 14:29
  • "Everything that influences grades" is putting it a bit strongly. I only have to keep final exams, and only for one year. I can discard/destroy graded homework, midterms, project reports, and anything else except final exams at the end of the semester. – JeffE May 1 at 18:43
  • @JeffE so you can get rid of them but I am interested is can you keep them to collect data? – Muze the good Troll. May 7 at 20:09

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