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I am inexperienced in publishing papers in scientific journals. I was going over recently published paper of mine and found that I accidentally reported mean with standard deviation when I meant to report mean with standard error. The correct standard error is shown in a figure in the paper but I am wondering if I should contact the editor to make the correction.

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    Hi wanderwall, welcome to Academia.SE! It looks like you've written a good first question, but I think it's a little too similar to the question I asked a few years ago. I hope the answers there can help you! The upshot is, if it substantially changes the meaning of your work, then you should contact the editor(s), otherwise, let it slide :) – NauticalMile Apr 23 at 0:49
  • If no one contacts you, don’t worry & move on. If someone does write to you or the editor then deal with it then. Until then focus on other things. – Solar Mike Apr 23 at 3:22
  • Thank you for your responses. I am a perfectionist and I notice many errors in this paper. The message doesn't change, but I am disappointed for being sloppy. I will learn to be more careful in the future. – wanderwall Apr 23 at 16:24
  • @wanderwall do not overthink. even in highly cited papers, there are little mistakes. it is normal. – optimal control Apr 23 at 18:40